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The Care & Support Pack for Families & Friends bereaved by Suicide

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NSW Health Dept

The Care and Support Pack for Families and Friends Bereaved by Suicide has been prepared by the Centre for Mental Health, NSW Health Department. It includes three publications:

After suicide: information for families and friends
A pamphlet describing the roles of the police, coroner and funeral director after a suicide, and discussing support and counselling opportunities. (We gratefully acknowledge the substantial contribution made by Bryan Wilson, Coroner, Central Coast, in writing this pamphlet.)

Coping with grief after suicide
A booklet describing the many aspects of the process of dealing with grief and loss specific issues around suicide. The booklet was prepared for the Centre for Mental Health by Di and Mal McKissock of the Bereavement CARE Centre.

At this time: when someone you know has died by suicide
A pamphlet outlining events as experienced by someone affected by suicide. (We gratefully acknowledge the substantial contribution made by Ruth Anderson in the preparation of this pamphlet.)

Click here to download this Care and Support Pack in PDF format (664kb). If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, click on this link to download Acrobat Reader from Adobe.

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Care and Support Pack

Foreword - Hon. Robert J. Carr - Premier of NSW, Australia

Bob Carr
Hon. Robert J. Carr

Suicide is a human tragedy. It causes devastation among families, friends, fellow students and workers and local communities. Immediate reactions of shock and grief are often accompanied by longer term feelings of sadness, loss, guilt and fear. People may be unable to come to terms with the painful reality of the event and remain unable to move on with life.

Each year over 700 people die from suicide in New South Wales. Families and friends need care and support after the suicide of a loved one. When dealing with grief and loss there are often many questions left unanswered. Understanding reactions and getting the right help from others is vital.

The Care and Support Packs for Families and Friends Bereaved by Suicide provide important information to help families and friends through this difficult time. Three booklets are included. The first is about dealing with grief and loss. The second booklet provides practical information on issues that arise following a suicide death such as dealing with police, the Coroner and funeral directors. The third provides personal insights from a mother whose son died from suicide. Contact numbers for community support groups who can provide further help are also included.

Preventing suicide and suicidal behaviour is a high priority for my Government. Working together as a caring community we can do much to prevent this human tragedy. I commend the development of the Care and Support Packs. They will be a very valuable resource for families and friends in times of great need.

Some important numbers that may help you

Lifeline: 13 11 14
Kids Helpline: 1800 551 800
Survivors of Suicide Support Group: (02) 4646 2233
Bereavement CARE Centre: (02) 9804 6909
Bereaved by Suicide Support Group: (02) 9419 8695

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